Darlington Covered Bridge
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Darlington Indiana is located
just 8 miles northeast of
Crawfordsville off of 47
Lebanon and Lafayette.

According to the 2010
census, the population was

Darlington is a quiet, close
knit community who accepts
new residents with open arms.
During nice weather in
Darlington you're bound to
smell someone cooking on
their grill, see someone
walking their dog along the
tree lined streets, backyard,
having a family get together,
and you'll hear children
laughing and playing.  You
will always find neighbors
visiting at the Darlington Mini
Mart or giving a passing wave
and hello as they pick up their
mail at the Post Office.

Darlington Fish Fry &
Festival in September always
brings the community
"Darlington's Open Door"
To the man or woman who is
seeking a home, we say, will
find no better place on earth
to live than here, be you
seeking a home where only
modern conditions and
conveniences prevail.  Here
you will be among people
who are happy, contented,
hopeful, congenial, and
progressive; here Christianity
prevails, good schools for the
education of your children, all
these things Darlington offers
to you, and we are ready to
"meet the stranger at the
gate."  We balk at no
legitimate enterprise, and
welcome every man, rich or
poor, who comes to add his
efforts to the up building of
the town.  Here where the
Hoosier hospitality abounds,
you will be made to feel at
home, and you will have a
home among the "salt of the
(Darlington Herald,
April 13, 1917)
Darlington Town Seal
Main Street looking west. June 2010
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Darlington Covered Bridge Restoration


  As required by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management,
the Darlington Water System is implementing the second phase of its Wellhead
Protection Plan.  Plan goals are to identify the Wellhead Protection Areas that
contribute groundwater to the Darlington Water public water-supply wells,
identify potential sources of contamination within those areas and prevent
groundwater contamination in those areas through public education/emergency
response planning.
  To determine if your home or business is located in the Darlington
Wellhead Protection Areas, visit
http://idemmaps.idem.in.gov/whpa/.  To obtain
information on drinking water quality and protection, visit
drink/info/.  Written inquiries should be mailed to Aqua Indiana, Darlington
Water System, 5750 Castle Creek Parkway North Drive, Suite 314, Indianapolis,
Indiana 46250.
Public Notice:  Aqua Indiana - Darlington Water System
Wellhead Protection Plan, Phase II
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